Gift From The Stellar Jay     Forty-Three Geese and Two_Autumn Sky     Buffleheads & Snow Storm, Crescent Lake 12/25/2015     Fog, Dawn Redwood and Jay     Out Of The Ashes     Quietness, Loneliness and Joy     Forty Eight Geese and Storm Clouds Overhead     Relief From Drought_Raven & Fog Over Sequim Bay     Coming Fall--Little Birds and Birch Tree     Surveying Their Lives-Birdfeeder and Alder     Recovery, Burn Dungeness Wildlife Refuge     My Garden At Los Palacio     Clear Cut and Storm Near My House     House Made of Dawn-Summer Shelter Canyon de Chelly     Safeway Parking Lot-Blackbirds In Storm     Poplar, Willow, and Jay     A Gratefulness for Robins     Where She Waited-Bird Feeder & Nicho     Lunch On The Terrace-Along Chicken Coop Creek     The Bog At Bloedel Reserve     Evening Alders & Bog, Bloedel Reserve     Paloma--San Francisco de Asis Church, Taos, NM     The Gift_Bohdi Leaf In My Hand, January 1, 2013     Stones and Sand     Sand_Water_Sky     Wave Break     Wave Form 3     Hill and Cloud Behind Our House     What We Don't Know-Poplar and Cloud     Oh Let It Shine-Ice Melting On Our Maple  
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