Thirty-Two Geese and Four Over My Garden     Six Trumpeter & Cloud Over The Skagit     Five Trumpeters     Sweet Girl--My Gal Sal     Waiting For Calm     Standing The Rain     Three Trumpeters Lake Leland     Regarding Eye--Sharp-Shinned Hawki     Juvenile Coopers Hawk On My Chicken Coop     Sibling Rivalry--Cooper's Hawks     Mourning Blue     Mourning Dove In Frost     Junco In Frosted Birch     In Winter, It's Good To Have A Friend     Tree Swallow On Our Funny Fence     Blue Crow     Raven Portrait 1     Raven Portrait 2     A Family Affair-Crows On Alder Woods     The Three Graces--Pigeon Guillemots     Eurasian Wigeon     Eurasian Wigeon With Cousins     Vaired Thrush Out My Kitchen Window     Black-Capped Chickadee In Poplars     Raindrops--Mallard Baby On My Pond     Wood Duck On My Pond     Male Mallard On My Pond     Early Morning Mallard     Applause--Hoodie Takes A Bow     Single Swallow & Cloud     Snow Geese & Storm Clouds     Lenticular Cloud & Eleven Geese  
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